Front Windshield UV Film for the Ultimate Protection

Texas recently updated its window tinting laws allowing for a clear untinted UV rejecting film to be applied to front windshields.  When tinting your front windshield it is important to test each installation to ensure that the combined VLT (visible light transmission) is a minimum 70% in combination with the glass.  Many shops are installing films that are 70-80% VLT on front windshields which will meter below the 70% required by federal law when combined with the color already in the glass.  At Superior Window Tint we  will measure the film installed to guarantee that you have a legal installation.      

Front Windshield Installation

The Film is cut out on the exterior of the windshield

The Film is then transferred to the interior of the glass and the mounting solution is squeeged out

The final touches are made

The Film is then Heat Shaped to fit the curve of the glass

We always cover the dashboard and use Soak Shield to protect your electronics located behind the dash from any water damage

What is left is a windshield that now blocks 99% of the UV rays protecting the interior of your car and keeping you better protected from the Texas sun

How much does it cost?  Can it be installed on my car?

     The cost to apply a UV blocking film to a front windshield is usually about $199.  Installing window film on the front windshield usually requires temporary removal of the rear view mirror and any other accessories mounted to the windshield.  In some cases these accessories cannot be safely removed without risk of damage to the vehicle therefore installation may not be possible on every vehicle type.  Some windshields that have heads up displays or other types of high end electronic sensors integrated into the windshield should not have a film installed. These installations will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine if installation is safely possible.